Christmas Drinks Gift Guide

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Christmas is such a great time of the year, spending time with family, friends and loved ones. Whenever you think of Christmas you think about presents. the tree, decorations, food and drinks. Now, this is where this Christmas Drinks gift guide comes into play.

This year, I bring to you a range of Christmas drinks that will certainly get your tastebuds watering when you see what we have in store for you this Christmas.

Belgrove Spiced Rum

Christmas is the time of year where we like to let our hair down, have a few drinks with friends, family members, attend work parties, the lot. I also have a couple of drinks at Christmas with my partner and also my works Christmas do, I think it appropriate. When I do drink, it is usually spiced rum and I think I have found a favourite that wipes the floor with the competition.

Belgrove Spiced Fig and Blackberry Rum is something else. It’s a single-origin rum made with pure demerara sugar and aged in oak barrels, which you can tell from the flavour. It has a wonderful blackberry, honeycomb and cinnamon notes, it’s like Christmas in a glass.

Belgrove Spiced Fig & Blackberry Rum

I’ve tried the neat and tried it with coke, I certainly prefer it with coke, but give it a go, you may even want to try it in a daiquiri. As this is an award-winning Spiced Rum made here in the UK, you MUST try it. It is available from Amazon, so get a bottle (or 2) in and really get Christmas starter.

Blue Aurora Wine

If you’ve not heard of Blue Aurora Wine before, these need to be on your radar. They are an English winemaker based between Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire, where they grow the fruit themselves and then turn it into Blue Aurora wine. Now, this is not a typical wine at all, in actual fact, it is a blueberry wine.

They currently have 3 varieties of wine, Dusk, Ice Wine and Midnight.

  • Dusk is a medium-dry wine
  • Ice Wine is a sweet artisan wine
  • Midnight is an exquisite full bodied wine
Blue Aurora Blueberry Wine

There really is something to fit all tastes with Blue Aurora wines, they will go perfect on the dinner table this Christmas. You can buy it directly from the Blue Aurora Website, they do stock it in certain shops, however, check out their website for details.

Secret Garden Distillery Gin

For me, no Christmas is complete without some gin. Secret Garden Distillery make some fantastic gins, so much so they have brought back a Christmas favourite called Christmas Gin, which is an absolute game changer!!

Now I never use to be a big gin fan, in fact, I didn’t like gin, actually, let me correct myself. I didn’t like the gin that I had tried. When I started exploring the world of gin and discovering that there was so much more to it, I fell in love with gin and this has brought me on to the Secret Garden Gin.

Not only do they have an amazing Christmas Gin that has cinnamon, ginger and cardamon, they also have a few different gift sets, I personally recommend the Christmas Gin and Wild Gin set. The Wild gin is a London dry gin with flavours of herbs and pine, these two are my Christmas gins of choice for sure.

Secret Garden Distillery Gin

If you like gin or want to get a gift for someone who likes gin, you NEED to either get the Christmas gin big bottle or the set with the Wild gin. Order directly from the Secret Garden Distillery website, you and the gin will be the Christmas favourites.

SkinnyBrands Premium Lager

Now for the health-conscious, you may be thinking that Christmas is a killer when it comes to calories and overdoing it. Well, you now don’t need to worry too much.

SkinnyBrands have made a larger just for you, it is 89 calories per 330ml bottle 4% abv.

Meaning you can enjoy a drink and still enjoy the Christmas food and it is not the larger that you have to worry about. The larger is actually really nice, it has a clean crisp malty taste.

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If you want to get yourself or that foodie some of these, they are available online, Amazon has a great deal for a base of 12 bottles and it is worth it. Give them a try.

Isle of Wight Distillery – Mermaid Salt Vodka

If you want something that looks amazing, taste amazing and will wow whoever you give it to, I can’t recommend this Mermaid salt vodka enough!

Compared to other vodka brands on the market it’s affordable, you can get it online and in-store and did I mention it looks expensive but doesn’t dent your wallet!

If you love someone, get them this at Christmas or you know, just treat yourself because it’s Christmas after all.

You can get the Isle of Wight Vodka from Amazon, make sure you order fast as you don’t want this to be gone for when you need it.

Why not check out some of the other gift guides for inspiration on what to get family and friends this Christmas. Also, don’t forget to put some gifts on your own Christmas lists.

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