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Foodies Christmas Gift Guide

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Christmas is coming and so must the Christmas gift guide for foodies. If you’re wondering what to get your food friend or loved one, I have a range of options, something for every budget.

If you’re looking for The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Foodies 2021, then you’re in the right place. As this is a foodies gift guide, all the options are food-related. Let me know if any take your fancy, any you bought or any you think I need to try.

I will get straight into it, there are a lot of options to get that foodie in your life some wonderful gifts this Christmas.

Virginia Hayward Christmas Hampers

Something that I love and should be a perfect gift for anyone is a Christmas hamper. They are usually packed full of goodies, something for everyone’s taste and you know what, who doesn’t love a good food hamper.

Virginia Hayward has a range of Christmas hampers starting at £12.50 for a biscuit hamper right the way up to £1,000 for a hamper that has everything you could possible need. I want to tell you about a £50 Christmas hamper called Mistletoe.

This is a wonderful hamper that has so much in it for such a great price. The items include (but not limited to) a gold-wrapped Christmas pudding, luxury mince pies, Eggnog popcorn, chocolate truffles and a beautiful bottle of Robert and Reeves Prosecco.

Virginia Heywood Christmas Mistletoe Hamper

This hamper also comes in a wicker basket, so it really shows off its luxury. This would make a perfect present for a couple, such as parents, close family and friends. This will add that extra bit of special to their Christmas.

Now to get your hands on one of these hampers, you need to head over to Virginia Haywood and check out their Christmas range.

Great British Chefs: Around The Table

Christmas wouldn’t be the same if there were no cookbooks in the foodies Christmas gift guide and I’m not going to disappoint either. This year there is a brand new cookbook from Great British Chefs called Around the table.

This is a cookbook for ambitious home cooks that like to cook food to impress the family and friends. There are some amazing recipes in this book such as Chicken Wings with Alabama Sauce, Mushroom Ragu with Pappadella and Hazelnut Dacquoise with Chocolate and Coffee Cream.

Great British Chefs: Around The Table

The recipes in this book come from some of the BEST chefs here in the UK. Get a copy and get it under the tree for that foodie in your life. Buy it directly from Great British Chefs. What is your favourite recipe from the book?

Bradfords Bakery – Grahams Port and Cheese Platter

Christmas doesn’t happen if there is no cheese, fact!! Well, that’s my opinion anyway. Part of Christmas is sitting in front of the TV watching a film or show that’s doing a Christmas special, with a plate of cold meats, cheese and crackers.

That is where Bradfords Bakery comes in. They have a fantastic range of platters, hampers and more for Christmas. Whether you’re thinking of something for yourself or a Christmas gift, Brandsford Bakery has a great range for you to choose from, something for everyone’s budget.

The Grahams Port and Cheese Platter is perfect addition to your Christmas. It comes with a blue stilton, Stag water biscuits and Graham’s 10 year old port. All served on a wooden platter.

Bradfords Bakery Grahams Port and Cheese Platter

You can get this platter, one of their other platters or hampers directly from their website. Get yours ordered in time for Christmas, so you too can enjoy Christmas with some cheese.

Wickedly Welsh Chocolate

Being Welsh myself, to be able to show off some of the fantastic products Wales has to offer is always a pleasure. I’m still going to give you my honest thoughts to the chocolate and you will be pleased to know that this is fantastic.

If you want to gift something a bit different to a friend or a family member, Wickedly Welsh Chocolate has to be on the table. They have a range of Christmas gifts that you need to get.

They have baby Bryn, the welsh dragon in a bauble, 3 french hens, an advent calendar, luxury bars of chocolate and decadent chocolate boxes.

I buy myself an advent calendar every single year, I usually pay up for one with better quality chocolate. This year I have the Wickedly Welsh Advent and will be enjoying this up until Christmas Day.

Get your foodie something different, something Welsh, get them Wickedly Welsh Chocolate.

Slate Cheese – Deluxe East Anglian Cheese Selection

For me, cheese makes Christmas, you need a nice selection of cheeses, crackers, and a pickle or chutney. Nothing says Christmas more than that in my eyes. If you love sitting down with cheese and crackers, this is not just normal cheese, this is something special.

Slate Cheese has a fantastic cheese selection all from East Anglian and in this selection the cheeses are: Deluxe East Anglian Cheese Selection a cheeder style cheese call Baron Bigod, a tangy Binham Blue, a Norfolk Mardler, a goat’s cheese called St. Jude and last one is a crumbly Suffolk Gold. These are something special, all go perfect with Peter’s Yard Sourdough crackers.

Slate Cheese Deluxe East Anglian Cheese Selection

If you want to get your hands on this or one of their other hampers for you or for your foodie loved one, you need to order from their website, go and check them out.

Seggiano – Chocolate Lovers Gift Box

Italian’s know how to do chocolate and having great quality chocolate is just what is needed at Christmas. So if you’re looking to show a foodie in your life some top-quality chocolate, then you need to get them the Seggiano Chocolate Lovers Gift Box.

It contains 3 jars of chocolate spread, the first is a Smooth Dark Organic Hazlenut Spread, the second is Smooth Organic Hazlenut Spread and the third is a Crunchy Organic Hazlenut Spread.

These are perfect on toast or pancakes for a decadent breakfast or even used in bakes. I have tried these in chocolate peanut butter cookies and this takes them to the next level!!

Chocolate Lovers Gift Box

You can get the Seggiano Chocolate Love Gift Box either directly from their website or via Amazon. Go one treat the foodie in your life.

Eatlean Protein Cheese

I said it before and I will say it again, Christmas isn’t the same without cheese. You need something a bit special for the evenings to have with chutney, pickles, cold meats etc.

Eatlean is a different kind of cheese, it’s a high protein, low fat and low carb cheese. They have a range of flavours and varieties including a standard cheese, smoked cheese, a tasty (extra tasty), as well as a couple of shaker cheeses.

In addition to that, the Ultimate Cheese Hamper also has 3 different nibble packs and a cheese to bake, so that you can dip carrots, celery or even bread into. The cheese itself is really tasty, so this is a great hamper for anyone who loves cheese.

Eatlean has a number of products, not just cheese. They also have Eatlean Flaour Drops, these drops are perfect for a protein shake, porridge or anything else you want to add them too. They pack a punch and make whatever they are in even more delicious. They are vegan, contain no sugar so good for everyone. Go check them out.

Fairfield Farm Crisps

One of my absolute cravings when are crisps. They are my go to snack, I would prefer a bag of crisps over chocolate with a film and just chilling out in front of Christmas TV. Well, you can get something a bit more special than just the supermarket crisps.

Fairfield Farm crisps are the next level. There are a range of flavours including Sea Salt and Aspall Cyder Vinegar, Cheese and Onion, Roast Rib of Beef, Sweet Chilli and so many more. The best thing to do is get a variety box so you can try a bit of everything.

Variety of Fairfield Farm Crisps

Fairfield Farm Crisps will really make your Christmas special and I’m sure if you get a box of these for your foodie, they will love them as much as I do.

Flower and White

Christmas is about luxury and have some of the best food that you can. Any foodie would love to have good food at Christmas, oh and before you think good food equals expensive, think again!!

Whenever I think of special treats for Christmas, I always think of Flower and White. I will blame the person who got me some as part of a wedding gift when I got married. I enjoyed a range of Flower and White treats while on my honeymoon, I’ve not stopped thinking about them since.

Flower and White has a range of gifts/hampers and these are great, they range from £10 – £45. If you want to pick and mix your own items to make your own hamper you can, just check out all products and you will see what is good to get.

Flower and Whites Treats

Just to give you some help when choosing some bits for yourself or that foodie in you life, the mergenuie bites are AMAZING!!! The merginue kisses, these are NEXT level, just have a look, nothing is bad. You will be in someones good books for sure with a range of treats from Flower and White.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it will start you off and get you focused for what the day will bring. That is where FUEL10K comes in. They have a fantastic range of breakfast and on the go food, which ranges from porridge pots, granola and protein shakes and bars.

FUEL10K is a high protein food, so if you have a foodie or even someone who is active in your life, FUEL10K is a great present that I’m sure they will love.


You can order FUEL10K directly from their website, they deliver it really quick, so it would make a perfect Christmas gift. Check out there site here.

If you would prefer to get it from Amazon, you can, they offer the same products, however, check out who is offering the best prices.

The Good Prep

If you are trying to eat healthy or don’t have time to make healthy meals, there is a solution and its called The Good Prep.

The Good Prep makes delicious healthy meals and delivers them straight to your door, so there is no need to head to the supermarket or stress about cooking, as The Good Prep have you covered.

The Good Prep has a range of meals all depending upon what you’re trying to do. If you’re looking to trim and slim, they have a range for that, if you’re trying to maintain and sustain, they have meals for that. If you’re trying to grow and gain, they have meals for that too.

The Good Prep

No matter what you’re trying to achieve, The Good Prep has something for everyone, including breakfast, healthy snacks, lunch and dinner, oh and they also have great juices too!!

Guylian Chocolate

Christmas needs chocolate and it is that time of year where you can have something special and not the everyday run of the mill. Guylian Chocolate is one of these chocolates that makes me think of Christmas.

Guylian has a range of chocolates that scream out Christmas, check out their website for the full range.

Guylian Chocolate seashells

Check them out, they are available on Amazon, these make a perfect Christmas gift for family, friends and even secret santa.

Artisan Olive Oil Company

Any foodie will love a hamper of foodie goodness and the Artisan Olive Oil Company has a range of products and hampers to tantilise the tasebuds of anyone. They have a wonderful hamper called the Italian Olive Oil, Vinegar and Pasta Gift Box.

This is a hamper that contains a fantastic quality olive oil, balsamic vinegar, apple vinegar and two types of pasta. You can make a delicious meal with this and I know for sure that any foodie would love this.

As an extra, they also have a great range of dips with truffle, these are delicious with bread or anything you can enjoy with a dip.

Italian Olive Oil, Vinegar and Pasta Gift Box

Get this fantastic hamper in time for Christmas, this would make a perfect gift and give someone a treat of true Italy.

Simply Cook

If you’ve not heard of Simply Cook before, where have you been? Have you not seen the adverts? Simply Cook helps you make restuarant quality meals, as they send out all the spices that you need to make authetic meals.

Not only do the send out the herbs and spices, they of course include the recipe card, with simple and easy to follow instructions. In no time you will be cooking some delcious meals.

There are meals for everyones pallet, if you like spicy, non spicy, meat, vegetarian and even vegan options.

Simply cook Recipe Pots

You can get a range of these recipe pots, you need to have 4 options and they come in a letterbox size pack, so you will never miss the delivery. Get these now, they are perfect for helping you cook amazing meals.

Regency Hampers – Festive Collection Gift Carton with Prosecco

They say that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, I have to agree. My partner LOVES Christmas, so I always like to try and make it as special as I can.

For anyone looking to enjoy the special time that Christmas brings, it has to be things like luxury food, drinks, and being with the people that you love. Now, I can’t say much for the people you love, but I can tell you about some food and drinks.

Regency Hampers has a range of fantastic hampers to choose from, ranging in price from £35 – £1,000. Now I’m not going to talk to you about a hamper that costs £1,000, as amazing as they would be, it’s nt a hamper for everyone.

That is why I want to talk to you about the Festive Collection Gift Carton with Prosecco, this is absolutely perfect. Come in at just under £50 and is absolutely packed with goodies.

If you want to know whats in the hamper, here it is: Tomato and Basil Puff Pastry Twists, luxury Yorkshire Crisps, Shortbread Star Cookies, 3 Luxury Mince Pies, Lindt Parlines, a Luxury Chocolate Cake and topped off with a bootle of Prosecco.

Regency Hampers - Festive Collection Gift Carton with Prosecco

Now whether you want to buy this as a gift for someone else or for you, one think you can be sure of is that this will be loved. Treat yourself this Christmas and get yourself a Regency Hamper.

Have a wonderful Christmas and make the next year the best one yet!!

Why not check out some of the other gift guides for inspiration on what to get family and friends this Christmas. Also, don’t forget to put some gifts on your own Christmas lists.

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