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Christmas is the best time of the year, family and friends come together, share some gifts and have a lovely time enjoying great food and drinks. We still need to make sure we have a fantastic Christmas, as as the previous Christmas was not as it should have been.

That is why Christmas needs to be special, it has to be the best it can be to make up for such a difficult year, which is why I’ve put together this gift guide to give you some ideas what you can give or want this Christmas.

Great British Bake Off Official Calendar 

You can’t tell me that a kitchen is complete without a calendar and not just any calendar, but the official GBBO Great British Bake Office Calendar. This is a must-have in any foodies kitchen. 

There are two types of calendars available, there is a slim calendar which is great if you want something to mark down important dates but doesn’t have much space, then there is the family organiser calendar, which is perfect for families. 

These make perfect extras for Christmas and really make the kitchen, oh and did I mention that both calendars have some fantastic recipes for you to try and make? 

I’m also a HUGE Lilo and Stitch fan, Stitch specifically and they have a 2022 calendar, this is the calendar that is up in my home and makes me smile every time I look at it. Get yours from Amazon or directly from Danilo

Aura Digital Photoframe

If they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, with an Aura Digital Photoframe you can say so much more. A picture frame with a nice picture is lovely, but a picture frame where the pictures change to show more is even better.

The Aura Digital Photoframe can have a load of pictures loaded onto it and it will rotate through the pictures, so you can always have memories showing up. The images can be updated through their app, so simply and quickly you can change and add new pictures to the photo frame with ease.

Aura Carver Digital Photoframe

The picture quality is absolutely fantastic as well, just make sure the pictures are in HD quality and you will always have the best-displaying images. You can get the picture frame directly from Aura or from Amazon.

Burlington Socks for Men and Women

Who doesn’t love socks for Christmas? I kind of expect socks every Christmas, whether they are fun themed socks or quality socks that are going to last me a while.

That is why Burlington Socks are a great Christmas present, it doesn’t matter if you are getting a pair as a stocking filler or a pack as a present, there is something for everyone.

Burlington Socks for Men and Women

Burlington Socks are great and as you can see from the picture above, there have great designs for men and women. You can also see that they also offer themed socks, different length from trainer socks through to long length. The long socks are perfect for the winter months.

Skates and Scooters

You’re never too old for roller skates, rollerblades, skateboards or scooters and if anyone tells you that I’m wrong, then show them who has these for all ages!!

Now if you’re wondering what the best thing to get is, that is all down to the individual, as you can see, I got the scooter and OMG, this has to be one of the best things that I have ever had.

Now the Nitro Circus Ryan Williams RW Signature 500 Complete Pro Stunt Scooter – Black is so much fun, I have used it from scooting to work to the shops and if I could, I would use it around my flat. I absolutely love it and it’s so much fun. Go on and treat that special someone to a scooter, roller skates, roller blades, or skateboard.

Helly Hansen Lumines Jacket

Finding a good jacket is always a challenge and it can be a pain getting the right style, fit, and/or colour. I wanted to get a jacket that would be ideal and practical and that is where Helly Hansen comes in. If you’re looking for a jacket that is waterproof, windproof and durable, you have to get a Helly Hansen Jacket.

Helly Hansen has a range of jackets for men and women, this is the Women’s Lumines Light Jacket, this can be bought directly from Helly Hansen and the delivery times are usually quick.


If you want to get someone a jacket for Christmas, look no further than Helly Hansen, check out the full range of their website.

Contigo Drinking Cups

As we are all trying to be a little more environmentally aware, we all want to try and do our bit. Well, now it is easier than ever with a drinking cup from Contigo. They have a variety of cups and water bottles, there is a design, colour and style to suit everyone.

I have already started using mine, every single day to take coffee to work. The hot drinks cups really do keep the drinks hot and for a good amount of time. The water bottles are great and again, keep the water cold for a long period of time.


Start thinking more about the environmental impact that you have, change your current habits into one that is beneficial to the environment. You can get the Contigo cups from Amazon, they have a great range, make sure you get yours, this will make a perfect present under the tree.

Dairy Diary

Dairy Diary is one of the best books you can get, they have a great diary that is perfect to keep track of all of your appointments, key dates and everything. The diary is A5 sized, has plenty of space for you to write in it, it also contains recipes, hints and tips too. This is an absolutely perfect gift for people who want to be organised or needs to be.

As we are living in a world where we waste too much and don’t do enough for the environment, we need to make a change. Dairy Diary has a brand new cookbook called More Taste and Less Waste.

The cookbook is packed full of fantastic recipes that are not only amazing, great to make, but also will reduce your waste too!! Get someone these two books, they will thank you for it.

Echor Journal

Writing in a journal can be a need for some and others may not see the benefit. Writing in a journal is a way to help clear the mind, not hold on to a load of baggage and be happy in their lives.

If you do write in a journal or considering it, you need to get the Echor Journal, it is specifically design to help reduce stress and anxiety, as well as teach you some mindfulness exercises.

This would make a great gift for someone who needs to destress and work on their mindfulness. Check it out on their website.

If you fancy winning some Bluebeards Revenge products, check out the competitions to find out more.

Buy a Gift – Three Month Stirrd Fudge Subscription

What do you get someone who is either awkward to buy for or has everything? You need to get them a Buy a Gift. Buy a Gift has a range of gifts from experience days, subscriptions and so much more.

Here is a perfect idea that won’t break the bank. A 3-month Stirrd Fudge Subscription. So what happens is that when they start the subscription, they will get a delicious gourmet fudge, a fudge of the month and an additional treat.

So why not make someone smile and make sure they have something that they will enjoy for more than just Christmas day.


The run up to Christmas, the actual day and after can be extremely busy with getting everything ready, enjoying the event and spending time with family and friends.

If you’re anything like me, when you’re putting the decorations up, cooking and even after Christmas day, you will want to make sure that everything is clean and tidy and that is where Ecozone comes in.

Ecozone have some fantastic products to keep your home clean and smelling nice, whether that is dishwasher tablets, coffee machine cleaner or kitchen cleaners. Ecozone have a fantastic home cleaning kit that will keep your kitchen looking and smelling great.

The kit has everything you could possibly need from kitchen cleaner, limescalr remover, sink sticks (to keep your skin smelling nice and even washing machine cleaner.

Ecozone Cleaning

This is the perfect kit for anyone who is hosting this Christmas, as well as anyone who likes to make sure there home is nice and clean. Get yours ordered in time for Christmas.

The Book of Everyone – Personalised Gifts

If you’re looking to give someone a personalised gift but not sure where to start, I have the answer for you. The Book of Everyone has a fantastic range of gifts that can all be personalised. From cushions to notebooks to cups, cards and more.

The notebook is of fantastic quality, it is a hardcover in A5 size. This is perfect for anyone who makes notes, in the work office, college or university. The cushion is really big, comfortable ad the print quality is decent!!

As you can see from the notebook and pillow, you can customise the quotes on both, so before you process your order, make sure you have spelt everything correctly!! Get your personalised gifts ordered in plenty of time for Christmas.

If you order from The Book of Everyone, use MATT10 at the checkout for 10% discount.

HAPI Bottle

I like to drink water, but hate buying bottled water due to the single use plastics. Well now I don’t need to worry because I have a HAPI Bottle. I have a water filter at home, I use it daily and fill my water bottle up all the time. Even for when I’m taking a drink to work.

Now, if you are eco-concious, then you need to get one of the HAPI Bottles. They are made from metal, they are leakproof and lockable, so you will never have a leaking water bottle again. This is perfect for Christmas, get yours directly from the HAPI Bottles website.

Huski Home Lunchbox and Coffee Cup

One of the biggest changes that I’ve tried to make since 2020 is to try and use less single use plastics. I tried to shop and buy products that are not single use, I always use my reusable shopping bags.

Now moving on, I have been looking for a decent reusable lunchbox and that is where Huski Home comes in. They have a great bundle that includes the lunch box and cup, the lunchbox has two collapsible handles, 2 compartments inside, and a cup that is perfect for hot and cold drinks.

Urbanista – London Headphone

If you’re looking for a gift that can be used over and over again, then Huski Home has to be on the cards. Make sure you check out the full range of products that they have.

We all listen to music, whether its for entertainment, hep us focus or any other reason. I listen to music when I’m working to stay focused, when I’m writing and also for entertainment, so having a good pair of headphones is absolutely key.

I’ve tried a number of headphones in the past, both wired, wireless in-ear, over ear and I will be honest and say that Urbanista – London Headphone are one of the best that I’ve used.

Urbanista - London Headphone

If you’re looking for buy some headphones, whether that is for you or as a gift, these are fantastic quality.

Luke 1977 – Blac Oud Gift Set

Christmas isn’t complete without a nice aftershave set and Luke 1977 is a fantastic gift set that any male would love to get. It has a great smell, with notes of lemonchello and cardamon. One that will have people asking you what you’re wearing.

If you’re looking for a fragrance set that stands out from the crowd, Luke 1977 is the one. They also have a range of male grooming products including manicure sets, shaving sets and clothing. Check out the Luke 1977 website for more.

Mavala / Dr.Bronner / Urtekram

If you’re looking for some nice stocking fillers and things that people will like and use, I’m going to bring you a few different products.

Mavala – They have a range of nail clippers and nail treatments to make sure your nails look great. These are a great price and something for every budget.

Urtekram – has a range of products for children and adults. They have toothpaste, shower gels and more in various fragrences and flavours, check them out.

Dr Bronner has a range of soaps and other products that are multi purpose, so you can buy one product and use it for a number of applications. Go and check out their website for the full range.

Obvs Skincare

If you or a loved one is a traveller, then there is nothing more important than having good skincare. Travelling can take its toll on our bodies, so make sure you have some great skin care to help you look and feel good.

This is where Obvs Skincare comes in handy. They have a fantastic travel gift set, which is small enough to fit into any luggage and not take up a load of weight. One of the other good things about Obvs Skincare, is that it is suitable for vegans and doesn’t have any bad stuff in them.

The Obvs Skincare range smells really nice and this would make a perfect gift. Make the traveller in your friends of family group happy with this under their Christmas tree.

Mechanical Models

If you’re looking for some a little different to get someone for Christmas, then you need Mechanical Models. They provide a range of wooden and metal models that you can build, anything from pets to planes, from cars to tanks and everything in between.

The 3D models are great to build and you can have your model made by you in a short amount of time. The wooden models have all been precision cut, so that they fit extremely well together, giving you a quality looking model.

Mechanical Models

So if you’re looking to give the gift of a model and getting someone to build there own, then you need to check out the range of models, there is honesty something for everyone. Check out the Mechanical Models website.

Poo-Pourri Christmas

Christmas is full of good foods, drinks and luxury. All of which can play havoc on our bodies, we enjoy it while we consume it, but it can have an effect. That is where Poo-Pourri comes in.

Poo-Pourri is perfect to make sure that your bathroom is smelling fragrant, you can use this before you need to go and keep the smells at bay.

You can buy Poo-Pourri from Amazon and it will make a great stocking filler, go get your’s in time for Christmas.

Clear Confidence – Razor, Shaving Brush and Eco Warrior Shaving Bar

Mens grooming is high up on the lists of things us men like to make sure we do. We like to look, feel and smell good, we just need to do it in an ethical way. That is where Clear Condience comes in, they have a fantastic range of plastic-free products that are also vegan friendly.

If you want to get some gifts to make the man in your life feel special, then you need to get some great products from Clear Confidence.

Red Letter Days –

It can be difficult finding the right gift for people, well now there is an easier way, that will never fail to impress. Red Letter Days has a range of experiences, subscriptions and gifts that will make people smile for sure.

As they have a range of gifts, there is something that will suit everyone’s budget and taste. Here is an example of one of the gifts, this is a Chocolate Making Experience for two, if you are looking for a gift for a couple, this could be an great one to try.

Red Letter Days has a great range of products, justcheck out their website and start looking for the best present you can get someone this Christmas. Oh and if you’re thinking of birthday, wedding or even anniversary gifts, these need to be on your radar.

Savile Row Dressing Gown

As the winter brings us cold nights, we all like to wrap up warm and enjoy the comfort of a Savile Row dressing gown. If you haven’t heard of the famous road in London (Savile Row), it’s the street where they have the best suit companies in the world. These suits are the best, handmade and just perfect in every way.

So when The Savile Row Company wanted to send me a dressing gown to try out, I couldn’t say no. I wasn’t disappointed either.

This is a dressing gown with a bit of luxury, oh and you can have the dressing gown personalised with the free monogram option. Check out the men’s dressing gowns for the dressing gown and their other products.

Homethings Cleaning Products

I’m trying to use fewer single-use plastics and trying to use refillable products where possible. Now Homethings have made this so much easier with their Keep It Clean Kit. The kit comes with 3 spray bottles and 13 capsules, all you have to do is put one of the capsules in the bottle, fill it with water and wait until the capsule has dissolved.

Now you have a reusable spray bottle with a fantastic cleaner inside, just make sure you use the right cleaner for the job.

Now start being more environmentally friendly and using reusable spray bottles and cleaners. Make sure you get yourself doing the right thing.


If you have some DIY projects on the go, you need to have Sugru. There are 3 kits that stand out, the Fix & Create Kit, this is perfect for the repair revolutionary.  The next is Rebal Tech Kit, this is perfect if you need to fix, adapt or create something custom for your gadgets. Finally is the Home Hack, this is perfect to create something cool like a floating herb garden or something else creative.

These kits are available either directly from the Sugru website or Amazon.


Don’t use single use plastics, that also includes cling film/plastic wrap, you need to find other solutions. I now have one of the best solutions that you will wonder why you didn’t know about this sooner.

WaxWraps have a range of products from food roll, which can be used in replacement of cling film, they also have food bags, which is perfect for sandwiches, cheese, meats etc.

The WaxWraps are a great alternative to single use plastics, so you can use the WaxWraps over and over again. This is a must have in any kitchen, get these in for Christmas.

Why not check out some of the other gift guides for inspiration on what to get family and friends this Christmas. Also, don’t forget to put some gifts on your own Christmas lists.

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