Pet’s Christmas Gift Guide

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Christmas is a magical time of the year, a time spent with family, friends and our beloved pets. If you are pet crazy and make sure you treat your pets like they are children, then we are on the same wavelength.

Now getting gifts for pets can be fun, they have very few needs, so whatever you’re thinking, you need to make sure you’re getting your pets good quality gifts. If I can make one request, please don’t buy the horrible nasty toys that break in seconds or the treats that are full of rubbish, your pets don’t need that.

Here are some of the best pets gift, to make sure your furry friend has a great day too.

Lily’s Kitchen – Treat Your Pet This Christas

One of my absolute favourite treats for pets comes from lily’s Kitchen. One of the first things that jump’s out to me is that that they have an advent calendar for cats and dogs. Instead of just getting yourself an advent calendar, get one for your cat or dog. That means your pet will get a nice little treat on the run-up to Christmas.

The next range of treats is turkey jerky for dogs, a healthy treat that your dog will love. If you want to get something more, consider the festive treats tin with a range of 3 varieties of treats.

Treats for cats and dogs this christmas

Now let’s not forget the cats, Lily’s Kitchen has some fantastic treats for them as well. Not only that, make your cats Christmas by serving them a turkey feast dinner. So when you’re getting stuck into eating your Christmas dinner, your cat can also enjoy their own special meal. Buy online at Lily’s Kitchen or on Amazon.

Dog and Cat Books

I know this isn’t exactly a gift for your pets, however, these books will teach you what you need to know about what the best dogs to get are and what cat and dog breeds get on together the best.

If you’re looking to get the best dog breed for your family or one that is best suited to live along with your cat, these books can certainly help. They books re really simple and easy to ready, packed full of loads of information and will give you all the advice that you need.

Most people get a dog because they are cute, look cuddly and not actually think about much else. Which Dog? will help you pick the right dog for you based on what you’re looking for. Get the book directly from Perfect Pets. It is also available on Amazon.

Caring for Dogs

Dog-Freindly Cats and cat-friendly dogs is a great book to tell you what breed of dog and cat you should get, so you have a house that exists as one, without the dogs and cats not getting along. For all the advice, you need this boo. You can get this book directly from Perfect Pets or on Amazon just make sure you get it in time for Christmas.

Laughing Dog Dog Treats

I love to get my dog some fantastic treats at Christmas. I will only by her the best treats, nothing cheap and nasty, as I want to make sure she has good treats that are not going to upset her belly etc.

That is where Laughing Dog comes in, not only do they have a fantastic range of dog treats, but the Christmas Dog Treat Hamper means I have everything in one hamper, all for my dog. I know she will absolutely love these and I will be in the good books for sure.

Laughing Dog Christmas Treat Hamper

This is a HUGE hamper filled with fantastic dog treats including a festive wreath, treats for teeth and gums, macaroons and a happy Christmas bone shaped biscuit, perfect for dogs. This will make the absolute best gift for my chocolate lab, she will be bugging me constantly for some treats, but shes worth it and so are these.

Buy the Laughing Dog Christmas Treat Hamper directly from Laughing Dog, get it now, so it arrives in time for Christmas. Also check out their other Christmas range, they have loads to choose from.

Nylabone and PetLove

Toys for dogs and cats can be a bit of a challenge, especially as I know dogs can destroy some toys extremely quickly. I have a chocolate lab and she will destroy a tennis ball in under 5 minutes, so I’m always looking for toys that will last the “lab” test.

So when I look for toys, I want something that she will love, enjoy playing with and won’t break in 5 minutes, as I always have concerns about the little bits that break off. Well Nylabone has a fantastic range of dog toys that are perfect for our four legged family members. Check out their site for some great dog toys.

Nylabone dog and cat toys

PetLove has some great dog and cat toys, as you can see from the picture, they also have some rugged toys that will last the “lab” test and also purrfect toys for cats, check them out and and make sure your furry friend has a fantastic Christmas too!!

Pup Suds Natural Dog Shampoo Bars

We all hate that wet dog smell, especially when we get back from a walk and the your dog has that horrible pong. Well now you can make sure your dog is always smelling nice with Pup Suds.

Pup Subs is a natural dog shampoo in a bar, that is eco-friendly, vegan and great for the skin of dogs. There is nothing worse than using dog shampoo that is full of chemicals, as we don’t know what that’s going to do to the skin of our pets. So Pup Suds have a great alternative.

Pup Suds Dog Natural Shampoo and Toys

Now Pup Suds also has a range of toys, as you can see from the hamper, they have a great range of things from shampoo, travel towel, chew toys, coat oil and more. Make sure you pamper your pooch this Christmas and give them a festive treat!! Check out their website and make sure you get some amazing Christmas gifts for your pet.

Furr Boost

We all want to make sure that our dogs are getting the nutrients that they need to stay fit and healthy. We all want to look after our fur babies and watch what they are eating, well now you can give them Furr Boost, which is a tasty complementary drink to your dogs daily water intake, designed specifically to aid your dogs well being.

Purr boost dog food and drinks

Furr Boost comes in 3 flavours, chicken, pork or beef, it is used to compliment water, making sure your dog gets all the goodness that they need. They are perfect for travelling and on the go, so if you have an active dog, these on a trip will help in between meals.

Get Furr Boost directly from their website, or on Amazon.

Rufus Needs a Haircut Book

This is not technically a dog treat, however, it is dog related, so perfect for the pet Christmas gift guide. If you like to read, this is a book that will have you smiling form start to finish. It is a shaggy dog story, a book that you can dip in and out of, which makes it perfect to read a little each day, of holiday of over the festive period.

Rufus Needs a Haircut: An Entertaining Collection of Shaggy Dog Stories to Amuse, Frustrate and, Without Doubt

This is a perfect book to fit into anyone stocking this Christmas, it will bring lots of enjoyment, so make sure you get yourself a copy today. It is available on Amazon.

Boutique Gifts – Blue Polka Dot Personalised Pet Bed

We all love a bit of luxury, whether that is wrapped up in a flurry blanket or anything those really nice pillows on our beds, well our pets also like some luxury, so make sure you give them a treat.

There are so many dog beds on the market, it can be difficult to decide on the best one. Yes you can go and try a load out, but what is the best one to choose? Well, it must be machine washable, as you don’t want a smelly dog bed, one where it has removable cushion, cushioned sides and a rubber gripped bottom so its not sliding around the kitchen/front room.

I have the answer, Boutique Gifts – Blue Polka Dot Personalised Pet Bed. It has all of those things and more!! Not only that, you can have the dog bed personalised, which makes it super cute and will put a smile on your face.

Boutique Gifts - Blue Polka Dot Personalised Pet Bed

If you want to get your dog a bed that won’t break the bank, you need the personalised pet bed, they have loads of colours and styles, you will be spoilt looking at them, so get your order in today, so you have time for delivery before Christmas, order directly from Boutique Gifts.

Vets Kitchen

When we have pets, we want them to be as trouble-free as possible, that is why you need to make sure that you’re giving your dogs and cats only the good food and treats. That is where Vets Kitchen really comes in, they have a fantastic range of dog and cat food and treats designed by vets for your pets.

They have a range of treats which are full of goodness and none of the rubbish, meaning that you know what you’re giving to your cats and dogs is actually good for them.

Vets Kitchen Dog and Cat Treats

They have a range of flavours including chicken, salmon and pork, that is for both cats and dogs. Get some of these in your cat or dogs stocking, I’m sure they will love you that little bit more for it. Order directly from Vets Kitchen or from Amazon.

Waboba Woofpack

If you have a dog that loves a good toy, Waboba has a great set call Woofpack with a soft rubber frisbee, a tailwind ball and a fetch ball. A perfect set to keep your dogs active and entertained in the park, on walks, down the beach or in the garden.

The frisbee is called the Jetwag, this is a frisbee that flies far and high, perfect for any dog of any size. the frisbee is lightweight, so even the smallest can bring it back. The tailwind ball is perfect for those active, energetic dogs, the ball is durable with a textured surface, meaning there is extra grip, perfect for throwing and fetching. Finally, the fetch ball, this is slightly different. This is PERFECT for water loving dogs. This is a ball that counces on water, so whats not to love?

Waboba Woofpack, 560C03

This set is available from Amazon, is under £20, so an absolute bargin, get your ordered today and get it in time for Christmas.

Webbox Pets

Christmas wouldn’t be the same if there wasn’t seasonal treats and toys. That is where Webbox comes in and brings you the perfect range of Christmas treats and toys for both cats and dogs.

They have everything your cat could want from a teaser want, so they can bring out their hunting skills or even the licl-e-lick cream (turkey and cranberry flavour), as well as the festive mousse for Christmas day, so that they can tuck into a beautiful Christmas dinner too.

Now lets not forget out dogs, there is tasty chews, brussle sprout squeeky toy, an oinking pink and even chomping chews.

All of these are available directly from Webbox, so make sure you order yours today, so your purrfect furry friends can enjoy the festivities.

Why not check out some of the other gift guides for inspiration on what to get family and friends this Christmas. Also, don’t forget to put some gifts on your own Christmas lists.

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