What is Matt’s Cafe?

Well, unlike the title, this is not a cafe or a place to eat, it is, however, a place to get some recipes, find out some kitchen hints, tricks and tips and also some money saving tips for the kitchen.

There will be recipes for all meal times, snacks and more. All the recipes have been tried, tested and photographed to make it easier for you to follow and try for yourself.

The recipes that I make, some are for everyone, some specifically for Slimming World, Vegetarians, Vegans and healthy eating.

There are a number of recipes that are on the blog including breakfast, lunches, dinners, treats, fakeaways, and more. If there is a recipe that you’re looking for and not seen, please get in touch and ask, as I might already be working on the recipe.

Who am I?

Well to put it simply, I’m Matt.

I have always been a foodie, not only do I love cooking for meal times and the need to cook, I love cooking because I find it very therapeutic and relaxing, I am by no means a professional, I am just an average home cook. A long time ago, when I was in school, I had ambitions of becoming a famous chef, such as Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver and I use those two an examples because I think I am a bit like both.

I love to cook anything from the simplest to more complex, but whatever I cook, I like to try it out a couple of times, make tweaks and get it right, before I unleash my recipe out to the world. You will notice that for some recipes I have alternative products that you can / could use, this is because most of the food I make can quickly be made vegetarian (using Quorn).

You will also see some recipes that I have created and I have used soya/dairy-free products, that is because my partner has a dairy intolerance, so again making a couple of tweaks for that. There will also be a number of recipes that will be made the Slimming World way, I do try and adapt recipes to make them healthier, if I can’t make them healthy, then you won’t find them on here.

Like most people, I’m trying to lose weight and get healthier and fit, so I will let you know which are Slimming World recipes and how many syns per serving.

Anyway, keep checking out my recipes, I would love to see your comments on my posts, would be great to see what you think about my recipes, how they works for you etc, you may want to email me, complete the form below and send me a message, also check me out on my social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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